Home Exercise

Home Exercise Program:

‘Motion in Action’ is a free home-based exercise program running under the direction of Cardiologist, Dr. Lai, and supervision of Kinesiologists, Jacqueline Desimone, R.Kin and Olivia Stowell, R.Kin. The program is available to patients of Curans Heart Centre and members of the community and surrounding regions.

The program is 6-months long and is composed of three exercise booklets participants progress through and complete over this time. Each booklet is 2 months long and progressively increases in exercise and intensity. The first booklet consists of aerobic and flexibility exercises, with booklets two and three having a strength component.

In additional to the booklets, we offer ‘Zoom’ exercise sessions twice a month. The sessions consist of a 15-minute educational component on various health topics and a 30-minute guided workout. We also offer recipe modification too, let us analyze your recipes and help you make healthier adjustments.


How the program works:

-Step 1: Complete an exercise stress test at Curans Heart Centre.

-Step 2: Complete an intake meeting at Curans with one of our Kinesiologists. The meeting entails reviewing medical history, status (weight, blood pressure, heart rate), identifying exercise-related limitations, and providing the first booklet of exercises.

-Step 3: Complete the exercises as prescribed at home– our Kinesiologists will be checking in weekly via telephone or email to track progress and provide additional supports/exercises as needed.

-Step 4: Once the 6-months are completed, perform a repeat exercise stress to assess your progress.


Additional Information:

   - Zoom Exercise Schedule 

   - October 2021 Presentation: Blood Pressure

If you are interested in participating or would like to speak directly to program coordinators:

Call us at 1-807-345-3355 or email; jdesimone@curans.com and ostowell@curans.com