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In 1988 a humble beginning of a "single one-man band" with a big vison of group practice for longevity of cardiac care in Northwestern Ontario, we began our journey.

Today, Curans Heart Centre is housing almost all practicing specialists with focus in cardiac care in Northwestern Ontario.

Our specialists focus on a wide spectrum of needs, such as: cardiac imaging, atherosclerosis, heart valvular problem, heart rhythm issues, lung and heart interaction, blood and heart interaction, basic bench research and clinical research trials.


Our Programs

Heart Function Program

for people with changes in their right or left heart function.

The Anticoagulation Program

for individuals on blood thinner medication

The Hyperlipidemia Program

for patients with abnormal cholesterol

The Preventive Program

for those patients with risk factors

The Primary Care NP Program

for those individuals without family physicians

The Cardiometobolic Program

is endorsed by an endocrinologist, supported by a Nurse Practitioner, Dietician, Cardiologist and Internist