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Motion-in-Action: Program Updates 

A big thank you and congratulations to those who completed the February-April 2023 programming. 

Our program WILL NOT be running over the summer of 2023.

We anticipated a fall 2023 start date this upcoming September. 

For more information or to register for the fall of 2023 please contact the program coordinator below. 




What is Motion-in-Action (MIA)? 

Overseen by Dr. Christopher Lai (Cardiologist) and exercise coordinators; 'MIA' is a maintenance lifestyle program composed of 3 main components: exercise, nutrition, and socialization.

Weekly supervised exercise sessions, monthly educational talks with health professionals from the community, and the opportunity to meet other participants in the program. 


 No cost to the program. Registration is required.  We welcome all to join, our motto: no age, no gender, no limit. 


For more information or to register please contact the coordinator below. 


Program Coordinator: 

Jacqueline Desimone, R. Kin 

Email: jdesimone@curans.com 

Phone: 807-345-3355, ext: 247